Gingko Tree Counseling | Emily Hagenmaier, LCSW | Supporting Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting Transitions in Madison, Wisconsin


Nurturing for Caregivers

This meditation focuses on breath awareness and cultivating positive emotions.

Meditation (10 min 20 sec) Download

High-risk Pregnancy Meditation

This meditation is offered for mothers experiencing high-risk pregnancy and/or bed-rest.

Introduction (2 min 12 sec) Download

Meditation (10 min 32 sec) Download

Bearing Witness Meditation

This meditation is offered for parents whose baby or young child is hospitalized or facing serious medical issues.

Introduction (3 min 25 sec) Download

Meditation (8 min 22 sec) Download

Parenting through Frustration Meditation

This meditation offers support for parents and kids negotiating challenging transitions and developmental stages.

Introduction (2 min 32 sec) Download

Meditation (9 min 31 sec) Download